Frequently Asked Questions

Do microphones come with the app?

Only the Lite Edition includes four microphones. Images of microphones must be downloaded and edited to fit in the app as described in the User Guide, on the Microphone Locker section of the website, and in this video.

What instruments are available?

The list of available instruments can be found here.

Can other instruments be imported into the app?

No instrument can be added to the application. The current version includes 27 instruments and new ones as well as variants will be added in future updates.

What are the differences between the Full and the Lite editions?

Please refer to the comparison table here.

Can the application be used to create a stage plot and an input list for live performances?

Of course it can!
Once you’ve completed your stage plot by positioning the microphones on the instruments, you will get a table for each instrument filled with their respective microphones.
You can then label the input of those microphones in the app according to the actual configuration of the venue and instantly check which sound source goes into which microphone/input.
Finally, you can export the stage plot and instrument tables as images, along with the list of microphones/DIs as a text file.
The current version of the app is still missing important live sound specific features that may be developed depending on user demand.

I’m a small freelance recording/mixing engineer, my friend is an assistant in a big recording studio, and my mom is a multiple Grammy award-winning producer.
How can we all benefit from the app?

The answer lies in these three notions:
Select and position the instruments and microphones, export images and text files of the setup, you’re done. You can even save a few steps by creating templates for your favorite setups and just tweaking what’s needed.
It has never been easier to produce and follow such comprehensive installation instructions.
Always get the same clean layout for all your sessions which will be meaningful to you, to others, and still years later.
Always carry your virtual assistant with you to access and share all your files whenever and wherever you want.
Just try the app on your next project and you'll see that it's much more fun than any notepad or spreadsheet!
The intuitive controls and user interface allow to best visualize and try out the various possibilities in terms of microphone selection and positioning depending on the configuration of the project and the equipment available.

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